Monday, December 17, 2007

Freaking Out Loud, Over.

I just couldn't do it. I'm still trying to finish the first d@mn sleeve. So I got him an I-Tunes gift card to open on Christmas and he'll get the sweater in January. Once I made that decision, the rest of my weekend was amazing and fun and completely (ok, well, mostly) stress-free!

In wedding news, I had a fantastic meeting with my Day Of Coordinator and the Event Coordinator for the Lodge. Both ladies were fabulous and wonderful and really got me excited again about planning. Oh! And my Cake Issue was resolved. In the highly unlikely event that I haven't already complained about this to you, here's the story: A cake comes in our event package, but they have two bakeries you have to choose from. One is an Italian bakery, but I don't like Italian desserts (sorry, Italy!) and the other...has really awful cakes. I thought maybe I was being overly picky, so I called someone over to look at the cake photos online. She agreed--they don't even have level layers (and they're not *supposed* to be Mad Hatter cakes). But the Lodge said it wasn't a problem and I could have any bakery I wanted. More cake tasting! Mmmm...cake tasting. =) And I also found out that their house wine is Valley of the Moon, a lovely local, Sonoma county wine! It's been a while since I've had any, but I'm going to hit BevMo and stage a private tasting. Anyone interested?


At 2:53 PM , Anonymous Katie said...

I wanna taste some wine!!!!!
Congrats on the cake, I like my cake I'll give you then info if you want!


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