Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Slacker, Slacker, pants...of lacquer?

I have failed NaBloPoMo and bow to KnittyNay's superior blogging power. Between the Vicodin haze and the endless Heroes marathon at Chez Partial Ocean View, I just hadn't been able to muster the will to type. Though the Vicodin haze remains (I do love me some prescription narcotics), I'm trying to get back to life.

My next great adventure is Jury Duty. I find out tonight whether I have to report tomorrow morning. And then I find out tomorrow morning whether I have to report tomorrow afternoon. Can I just say that this is the least efficient system I can imagine--especially for people in the Bay Area who may have a multi-hour commute! My situation is bad enough, but at least it will be physically possible for me to make it to court in the afternoon, if called. I can't imagine what you're supposed to do if you commute to Sacramento or into The City from Livermore?

At any rate, I'm actually looking forward to the possibility of serving on a jury. I find our legal system fascinating, which is part of the reason. Mostly, though, I've seen too many juries Get It Wrong and, of course, when I'm on the jury, we will Get It Right. This is my tiny little opportunity to rule the Universe...or at least 8.33% of it. I can't wait!


At 1:31 PM , Blogger knitty-nay said...

I appreciate the shout-out, although Monday's post was less than ideal, I will take the victory any way I can get it! Glad you are among the living, and watching Heroes! Now we can dish - I am so sad that next week is the end of the season :-( this week was awesome!

We are among a select group my friend, I have been called but never served on a jury, although I did participate in a paid mock jury once in Texas- it was great- I would love to serve, for much the same reason as you. Maybe next year for me, I got called off this year :-(


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