Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Blogging is hard, m'kay?

Even though I failed NaBloPoMo, I swear I didn't intend to give up blogging completely. But, man, is it easy to let the days fly by without posting.

Since my last post, G & I went to the 110th Big Game between the Stanfurd Junior University Fighting Trees and the California Golden Bears. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera, but as FeministSAHM already reported, things did not go well for the Bears and a lack of photographic evidence is perhaps not the worst thing in the world. The day was not a total waste, however. I did get to check out the new Stanfurd stadium and I have to say--it's not bad. It's not the best, but it is pretty and new and has seat backs, which is more than I can say for my beloved Memorial. Additionally, the Cal Band played an encore of its Video Game halftime show, which through the magic of YouTube, you can watch here:


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