Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Medical science should really look into this.

I spilled coffee on Not Bob (my Powerbook) on Sunday. It wasn't a lot--maybe a tablespoon, but as we all know, liquids and electronics don't mix. At first, I thought everything was fine, but in short order I lost my ability to click. And let me just say that on a Mac, this is bad. Really bad.

I moved quickly through the stages of grief, with an extended stay at guilt (G had given it to me, just last August, as a birthday present). I hit Acceptance and then spent quite awhile plotting with G to see what kind of story we could concoct for the guys at the Genius Bar to get the repairs covered under the extended warranty when suddenly it appeared that Not Bob was still clinging to Denial. I rebooted for the eleven hundredth time and--I swear to Ganesha--Not Bob healed himself.

It's alive! Seriously. I don't know how, but the thing works just fine now. Ok, perhaps there's an occasional "crunch" when I hit the touchpad button, but it definitely clicks. And as a bonus, every so often while I'm web surfing, I get a whiff of Peet's.


At 2:12 PM , Blogger Jessica M said...

Lucky. Very lucky.


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