Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Because G would rather scuba dive in a tank full of piranha than step foot in a mall (can't blame him, really), Feminist SAHM came with me on Saturday to help register for wedding gifts. You would think that an entire afternoon of picking out stuff for other people to buy me would be very fine fun, indeed. But there you go, thinking again. G and I don't just have everything we need--we have two of everything we need. Two sets of Henkels, two Kitchenaid stand mixers, two of everything people are generally excited to register for. So most of the afternoon was spent wandering through the stores making fun of all the stuff we weren't scanning. Like a $135 crystal dreidel (shouldn't it be clay?). Or the ceramic cow creamer that barfs half & half into your coffee (you know the one I'm talking about).

In the end, I think we found enough stuff (lets hear it for small weddings!). But I may have finally reached that point in life where just spending this great day with my friends and family will be the only gift I need. Just in case, though, I think I'll go add some towels to the registry.


At 4:50 PM , Blogger Jessica M said...

I've been thinking of floating the idea of a "no-gifts" policy. Our 913 sq. feet is one holiday season short of having to call "Clean Sweep," and I honestly throw parties for the joy of my friends' and family's company, not the stuff they bring.

OK. Except for Quique and Dani's sangria, but consumables don't count. ;-)

At 6:47 PM , Blogger knitty-nay said...

I still think registering for yarn should be a viable option...you could make stuff for 'my N.' out of it so it would be a gift for you both! ;-P


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