Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Second Class Citizen

I used to love Amazon. Free shipping with a $25 purchase, quick shipping, and they sold everything. It was so great...before the days of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a shipping option in which you pay a $79 yearly fee and you get all orders sent via 2-day shipping for free or overnight at a greatly reduced price. I'd decided not to participate since I generally don't need my orders quickly and I'd prefer to save the money. But I swear that Amazon is punishing me for not signing up for Amazon Prime. I ordered 3 items (all listed as in stock and ready to ship) on January 20. Six days ago and they still haven't shipped. I understand that the Prime orders should go out first--they've obviously paid a premium for the privilege and that's fine by me. But I refuse to believe that there are so many Prime orders that they can't get my order out for six days (and counting). Argh.


At 9:18 AM , Blogger Jessica M said...

Yup. I agree. Antonio's birthday presents didn't come until after his birthday, despite having been ordered more than a week and a half before.


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