Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be careful what you ask for

At roughly 20 weeks is when you can expect to start feeling the baby's movement and by 24 weeks I was really starting to get anxious because I hadn't even felt anything that could have just been gas. And then finally it happened--and it was glorious! G could even feel the movement right away. 6 weeks later, can I just say I'm over it? I mean, I do still like feeling him there (and it's very reassuring!), but his movements have changed from a pleasant thump on the outer belly area to more of a rolling movement that I'm pretty sure is jacking up the feng shui of my internal organs. If he's moved my spleen out of the prosperity corner, I'm going to be mad! I'm just sayin'.

Given his latest antics, G & I are considering abandoning our prior name choice and are now considering the following options. Please weigh in with your favorite.


At 6:22 AM , Blogger Silly Lily said...

haha, I like this one. L, I'm sure the feng shui in your tummy is still okay. ;p


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