Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mean People Suck

A couple of days ago, Feminist SAHM posted to her blog a litany of things that were irritating her about her son's school. Someone (anonymously) posted a comment essentially berating her for her views. And now I'm p*ssed. And not just because FSAHM has one more reader than I do.

A blog is a public outlet and we're naive to think otherwise. We have links to each other, links from our online groups (Ravelry, The Knot, etc.), and links from places we probably don't even know about. We are voluntarily putting our thoughts out there for other people (people we don't know) to read. And we should know that there are people who will read our blogs that disagree with us.

None of this I have a problem with. I don't think Anonymous should have to agree with everything s(he) reads. Or, as is often said, refrain from reading blogs offering dissenting views. Or even refrain from commenting to blogs that s(he) disagrees with. All of that is great. But could s(he) please show just a smidgen of civility? This is not FoxNews.


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