Thursday, January 24, 2008


Some brides have a "winter wonderland" theme or a "beach" theme or a "vintage" theme, or some other theme that carries throughout the wedding. Me, I have a "No Stress" theme. I have implemented it thusly: If I can pay someone else to do something, I will. Then I find the absolute best vendor I can find, tell them vaguely what I want, and then let them do what they do best without worrying about exactly how it's going to look. It's an amazing feat for me, given my usual control-freak nature, but it's working pretty well so far.

As you can imagine given my theme, there is very little DIY happening for my wedding. But there were a couple of things that I saw and wanted, but couldn't outright purchase. And so there is a teensy bit of crafting afoot at Chez Partial Ocean View. One is the ring pillow. Ever since I saw this pillow (it's the bottom one in the above picture), I thought it was the Cutest Thing Ever and SO SIMPLE! You simply take a pillow, place it on an embroidered handkerchief, pull the corners around the pillow, and tack into place. Brilliant! Except that it is nigh impossible to find a large enough handkerchief. I have searched linen stores. I have scoured the depths of the internet. I have tried *everywhere*. It has now officially made me cranky and is therefore no longer thematic.

So the search began for the new ring pillows. I found some really beautiful dupioni silk, monogrammed pillows on Etsy that I really, really loved...for $35 each. And since I have two of the cutest ring bearers in the history of ringbearerdom, I need two of them...making it $70. For pillows. That I would probably throw out after the wedding. Now, I know what you're thinking and you're right. But pointing out my hypocrisy is also not thematic and I am, therefore, ignoring you.

So what's a girl to do? Why, knit them, of course! Inspired by the pillows on the right, I'm going to make simple, stockinette pillows and pucker them with a matching button. If I'm feeling really fancy I might make some cables. The only question remaining is what color--navy or white? What do you think?


At 10:42 AM , Blogger Jessica M said...

I'm gonna go with white for two reasons:

easier to see against the (presumably) black ringbearer tuxedos


stash reduction!!! I have navy yarn.


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