Monday, November 05, 2007


If you thought a Blogroll was bad...JessicaM's insolence (see comments, yesterday's post) will be punished by a blog entry about the two things stressing me out most about my upcoming wedding: Something Blue and Something Borrowed.

Anyone who knows me will not be at all shocked that the thing causing me the greatest stress is the stupidest, most trivial bit of the least importance. Guest list? No sweat. Orangizing two dozen vendors? Child's play. Finding something in one of my own colors to satisfy some stupid 18th century rhyme? My wedding will be ruined!

Right now the leading idea for something blue is an embroidered label, attached to the inside of the dress, like the picture on the left. But I can't decide whether that's lame. I was thinking about blue shoe clips, but all the ones I've seen are ugly. =(

And does anybody have any earrings they want to lend me?


At 1:35 PM , Blogger Jessica M said...

Insolence is my specialty. If ya didn't want it, ya shouldn'ta told me about the blog. :-)

Maggie has some nice diamond studs she won't be wearing to the wedding--as she hasn't had her ears pierced yet. :-)

At 3:09 PM , Blogger ljlkc said...

You know I love your insolence. =)

At 3:50 PM , Blogger knitty-nay said...

I don't have any great earrings, but i can embroider like a mofo. and I have many blue choices for you...

I must bring up a totally pertinent point though: the rhyme isn't for you to figure out, that is up to the wedding party and mother of the bride. It's supposed to all be a surprise to you on the day of, while you are getting ready. So don't sweat it and leave it to tradition, that is my solution.


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